MuscleGen Research, Inc. – Psychosis X
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MuscleGen Research, Inc. – Psychosis X



MuscleGen Research, Inc. – Psychosis X

Does your pre-workout supplement facts read like this: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, AND CAFFEINE? If this sounds like your pre-workout, then it probably means you have a product with a lot of filler ingredients and that is lacking a PUNCH!

Meet Psychosis X! This effervescent delight boasts high quality DMAE and medical grade niacin; stronger than that stuff your buddy told you to take! And it does not stop there; we packed Psychosis X in easy to grab individual serving packs. No more digging for the scoop or dumping powder everywhere!!!!!


No mix fizz action delivery
Explosive Energy
Supports Enhanced Endurance
Promotes Laser Focus
Crazy Pumps and Vascularity
Delicious Lime-aid fizz flavor
**This product is not for the stimulant sensitive population. This will cause intense flushing and pumps that will make most of the world uncomfortable. You have been warned!!!!


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