Phase One Nutrition – LaxoVar
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Phase One Nutrition – LaxoVar



Phase One Nutrition – LaxoVar

Phase One Nutrition – LaxoVar key ingredient is 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin. LaxoVar is a great product and may help anyone looking to increase strength, size, and increased recovery. Furthermore, Laxogenin does not interfere with hormone production making it a great addition to both men and women.

What ingredients are in Phase One Nutrition – LaxoVar?
50 MG of 5-Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin

How does 5-alpha Laxogenin work in the body?

Derived from plants, 5-alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin (also known as Laxogenin) is an ingredient that essentially is an anabolic building block which your body uses as a blueprint to create its own anabolics. Laxogenin supports increased protein synthesis and nitrogen retention while promoting other anabolic effects such as increased strength, muscle endurance, muscle recovery, and lean muscle mass.

Laxogenin also aids in controlling the stress hormone cortisol, which when out of balance, can increase fat and muscle wasting.

Laxogenin helps increase protein synthesis by over 200% which allows the user to accelerate muscle growth and recovery.

Provides cortisol support, thus allowing your body to recover fast and reduces muscle breakdown (muscle wasting).

What are the benefits of Laxogenin for working out?

  • Inhibits cortisol
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Does not cause liver strain


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